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Developing your Website – Step by Step

If you’re a first time business person on the web, you need a certain amount of guidance as you go about designing and developing a website that suits your company’s needs. Even if you’re a beginner and have absolutely no idea as to how best to go about with the project, there are ways to get things done in record time if you’re dedicated to the job and a quick learner. So here they are, the things you need to do to build your website and have it up and running successfully in no time:

  • Arm yourself with books and other sources of information that teach you about the process of web design and development. This is a good thing to do even when you’re not planning to develop the site yourself because you must appear knowledgeable when you’re talking to the designer who’s going to be taking care of the design and development processes.
  • Spend a few hours browsing the Internet surfing sites that are similar to the one you’re considering. While you don’t want to come across as a copycat, there’s no harm in adapting a good idea and making it your own as creatively as you can.
  • Map out a plan or flowchart to show how your site navigates.
  • Gather all the information (in print) that you need to put together a comprehensive yet concise website. Sort and sift this data into a form that’s suitable for the web.
  • Get a professional writer to optimize this content for search engines so that your site will be picked up by Google and its counterparts as they trawl the web.
  • Choose a domain name, make sure it’s available and get it registered.
  • Choose a web hosting company who will design, develop and maintain your site for you. Make sure that they are willing to take care of any edits and changes that are bound to arise on a day to day basis as you go through teething problems with your fledgling website. The changes must be done immediately because it’s imperative that your site irons out all the creases as soon as possible. The longer the delay, the more number of visitors you lose to poor design aspects. Also, take into account the costs that you will incur, both in terms of initial design fees and continuous hosting and maintenance fees.
  • Make sure your site is easy to navigate and that the pages load quickly.
  • While ads do generate revenue, the money does not pour in until your site gains popularity. So hold off the advertisements at least initially, and when you do incorporate them, make sure that they are the side salads and not the main course.
  • Once it’s up and running, continue to make changes and tweak details till it gets the look and feel that you’re gunning for. Improvement must be a continuous process based on your site’s performance and customer feedback.

About the author: This article is contributed by Sarah Scrafford, who regularly writes on the topic of web designing institutes. She invites your questions, comments and freelancing job inquiries at her email address: sarah.scrafford25@gmail.com.

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